What is NOVA Fitness?

NOVA is not a gym, it's a smarter way of working out. NOVA provides customized, efficient, intense workouts in a boutique fitness studio. Combining Electric Muscle Stimulation ("EMS") technology with top tier personal trainers, NOVA personal training is a streamlined, safe, and highly effective path to not only achieving, but surpassing fitness goals.

NOVA's EMS technology enables people with physical restrictions to obtain better results in a safer, more efficient manner.
Our proprietary training programs deliver unprecedented results in shorter time periods of working out.
One-on-one training guarantees that you will have a unique workout experience that is tailored exactly to your needs.


Electric Muscle Stimulation technology (commonly known as "EMS") has been used in the medical field for rehabilitation for many years. However, NOVA's EMS technology has been FDA approved adapted for use in the fitness industry. Members wear a special suit equipped with 1.0 electrode pairs strategically placed on the body's major muscle groups. The electrodes deliver electrical stimulation directly to the muscles, causing them to contract and relax in the same manner that they would through exercise. Most people are only able to engage up to 50% of the muscle groups through conventional workouts. Through NOVA's EMS technology, you are able to engage up to 98% of the body's muscles through the creation of roughly 40 micro contractions per second. That equals up to 48,000 muscle contractions in just 20 minutes!


Athletes such as eight-time Olympic Gold Medalist Usain Bolt and Major League Baseball (MLB) Triple Crown Winner Miguel Cabrera have incorporated EMS technology in their workouts.

Additionally, a large segment of the population suffers from various injuries or physical ailments that prevent them from performing conventional gym workouts. NOVA's EMS technology enables people with physical restrictions to obtain better results in a safer, more efficient manner. This is achieved by providing electrical stimulation to activate and strengthen muscles that would not otherwise be activated due to injury or ailment.

So regardless of whether you are new to working out or are a weekend warrior, NOVA can help you get to where you need to be!


Jackie Wilson

Co-Founder and Head Trainer - Jackie co-founded NOVA FItness because he wants to share his knowledge, skill set and training techniques with those who are willing to give their all to reach new levels of physical fitness and health. He loves working with clients, having fun and helping his clients to get in awesome shape!

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